Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Many of those who read my blogs regularly have already heard the news of my Wonderful, Lovely Auntie Kris. She has very recently been diagnosed with Myeloma Cancer. So, me being a beader, I instantly went on line and discovered that someone has created different color ribbons for the different types of cancer. Pink for Breast Cancer. Emerald Green for Colon Cancer. Burgundy for Myeloma Cancer.
Hence...the burgundy Awareness bracelet below....

I will be selling these bracelets for $15.00 each.
50% of the money you pay for each bracelet will go directly to Kris!!
Please email me at
or call me (727) 431-2606 to place an order!
My goal is to sell over 100 bracelets!!
Lets all pitch in and help Kris fight this cancer.


Anonymous said...

you are too much. thanx for the beautiful bracelet i rec'd yesterday. i plan on never taking if off until i'm cancer-free - um, well, i guess i'll make sure it stays clean. U have always done such lovely work on all your jewelry & this idea of yours touches den & me more than U can ever know. love U to pieces, auntie kris

Anonymous said...

Molster you're the best! I do love it, so sweet. I want one and one for my Mom-in-law, and one for my teacher friend whose a survivor and one for.... Ok I'll send you a check for 5. You're the best! Aunt Mindy

Tracy said...

Moose - I'd like 3. One for me and for each of my girls. Could you make 2 small ones? I'll send wrist measurements.

This is a fantastic idea and you may have just taken my spot as favorite niece.....


Luke & Megan said...

Favorite niece? Silly girls, we all know who it really is. Don't be jealous, either.. This is a brilliant idea though, and btw, Auntie Kris, if you don't tell, I won't. xoxoxoxo