Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It has been a crazy busy summer for me here in Kentucky. On top of working two jobs and all the little trips and fun things squeezed in there, I have not forgotten about beading! I haven't posted much on Etsy lately as my free beading time has been designated to custom orders and "just for fun" items. So that you know what else I am capable of, here are a few of the other items I have made that haven't made it to Etsy!
We had the pleasure of camping at Green River Lake State Park here in KY a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't resist but put together a bag of supplies for beading while camping!
There were three couples so I made the husbands pick out beads for the wives (plus I made a couple extra!)
Here's how they turned out and an "in-progress" picture.

Hemp with wood beads, acrylic beads and some glass.
This next set is a special request for "something blue or something green".
Set is made with all glass beads and accented with a filagree clasp.
Here's the something Green...
made with Shell Disc beads and glass beads.

And of course, a goofy one to end this post!
Last weekend we went to Hubers Orchard & Winery in Indiana to sample some wine, of course, and to pick some berries! It is Blackberry, Red Raspberry and Peach picking time.
Here are two happy pickers, obviously!
Briana has on a Hemp necklace I made for her during a BBQ and Blues Festival a few weeks prior and Brittney is wearing a Vintage Button ring that I made for her...notice it on the "picking finger"?! HA!
Hope you are all having a Fabulous Summer!


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Anonymous said...

i agree with meg: beautiful work! & your adventures sound so fun! love, auntie kris

The McClure's said...

OMG I LOVE the "blue" glass bead earrings!!!!!!!! And I want one of those Hemp necklaces. Are you going to put them on Etsy so I can buy one? Lemme know!

tony- texas car shipper said...

Very nice