Sunday, January 3, 2010

This of course, was one of my favorite Christmas projects that I worked on!
Probably because I made it for my Mother in-law!
I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to do some bead shopping with her and she picked out her own beads-so it wasn't a complete surprise. She knew what the beads looked like...just not what I would come up with! I just love these colors! This will be a great jewelry set that can be worn all year!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE love love the earrings, can U make another pair? when U post 'em on etsy i will buy 'em. there's a couple other things i plan to buy (i love the smoke drop earrings & the "thinking of U" card.) U R right about these earrings U made for your mom-n-law - she has GREAT taste in beads & tho beautiful for xmas, can be worn year-round. by the way congrats on being an aunt to your . . . umm . . . 14th, is it? that's 9 boys & 5 girls = amazing. HAPPY 2010, love auntie kris PS the jewelry U posted below is all gorgeous, too!

Luke & Megan said...

I LOVE Mom-in-Law's jewelry, it's beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I love it too, really, what a nice gift, you should take her bead shopping all the time! Aunt Mindy